Saluda Cymbals:

At Saluda, we create cymbals from high quality B20 Bronze alloy to meet the needs of any drummer - but unlike the big companies, we specialize in creating custom cymbals and sounds for individuals. Select a cymbal from one of our lines, then choose from a wide variety of sound options (thickness, venting, lathing) and finish options (striped lathing, coloring, logos) and more! We offer some of the best sounding and most unique looking B20 bronze cymbals on the planet! You really get your money's worth – full, complex, lively and versatile. Our cymbals come to life on stage where you, your band mates and your viewing audience will hear and feel the difference. Cymbals are part of music; Let them be heard! Let them be felt!


SJC Drums:

SJC is a close-knit family. When you purchase our drums, you truly become part of us. Our goal is to help you bring your dreams to life and enjoy the experience from the very first step. We strive to nurture a creative, passionate and inspiring community. Every customer is just as important as the next, no matter who you are. From promoting you as an artist on social media, to our network of backline around the world, and the attentive customer service we offer, you’ll always be taken care of.

Dream Earz:

There's a reason why so many musicians and audiophiles have trusted Dream Earz as their custom in ear monitor provider and made the switch from the overpriced cookie-cutter companies. The continued support and good faith referrals from actual DE owners has helped us surpass a decade in the CIEM business! We are stoked to offer one to ten drivers per earpiece and all Dream Earz custom fitted in ear monitors now come standard with the new, state of the art Linum G2 Bax T2 cables and assembly. Being a working drummer and using In-Ear Monitors for almost 22 years now, I designed Dream Earz Monitors specifically for the demanding musicians, audiophiles, extreme action and sports enthusiasts who are ready to maximize their personal monitor mix with our innovative "Boutique" style driver configures and tunings specific to each instrument or application. Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions or concerns about any of the driver set ups or tunings. We're always happy to help with our second to none customer service.


Vic Firth:

Founded by percussionist, educator and businessman Vic Firth, The Vic Firth Company has been setting the standard in the industry since its inception in 1963. Vic’s knowledge of how to incorporate new ideas was unsurpassed. In fact, many of the key manufacturing processes used today were invented or standardized by Vic. Today, we proudly carry that tradition forward.

Never satisfied with the status quo, we continue to innovate, developing new imaginative designs and technologies so that every product we make sounds better, feels better and inspires you to play your best.

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