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I Play What I Like!

Saluda Cymbals:

At Saluda, we create cymbals from high quality B20 Bronze alloy to meet the needs of any drummer - but unlike the big companies, we specialize in creating custom cymbals and sounds for individuals. Select a cymbal from one of our lines, then choose from a wide variety of sound options (thickness, venting, lathing) and finish options (striped lathing, coloring, logos) and more! We offer some of the best sounding and most unique looking B20 bronze cymbals on the planet! You really get your money's worth – full, complex, lively and versatile. Our cymbals come to life on stage where you, your band mates and your viewing audience will hear and feel the difference. Cymbals are part of music; Let them be heard! Let them be felt!

DreamEarz IEM'S:

Today, Dream Earz is producing the highest quality, best fitting CIEM’s in the world. Used by professional musicians worldwide, the mission of Dream Earz has never wavered.

Dream Earz is slaying ‘big box brand’ manufactures by delivering personalized customer service and a combination of the highest quality materials, and craftsmanship.

When you join the Dream Earz family, you are being cared for by a fellow musician, and someone who has spent over 40 years on stages all over the planet. He knows how important it is to get ‘your sound’ just right, and he’s made it his mission to deliver a product that helps create that magical experience only musicians can understand.

SJC Drums:

SJC Custom Drums started as a hobby by brothers Scott and Mike Ciprari out of their grandmother's basement in Dudley, MA. The passion for the craft and community has become a shared culture for musicians around the world. The grassroots work ethic and family oriented culture that started in the basement drives the values and missiom of SJC Drums to this day. Our passion is to create products that are as unique as the drummers that play them.

Los Cabos Drumsticks:

Los Cabos Drumsticks is Canada's #1 drumstick company that has been manufacturing high-quality drumsticks and percussion tools since 2005. 

We are passionate about making sure our impact on the environment and giving back to our community.

Los Cabos Drumsticsk source our wood from FSC certified suppliers in Canada and the United States.  Which ensures our forests are being protected.

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