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Drums - SJC Custom (Koa Wood Veneer):

12x9" Mounted Tom
16x14" Floor Tom
22x20" Bass Drum
14x7" Custom Veritas Snare

10x6" Custom Veritas Side Snare

DW Hardware and Pedals: 9000 Series

Cymbals - Saluda:

14" Onyx Hi-Hats 

10" Ambiance Mini-Hats
19" Symbolic Vented Medium Crash

19" Allstar Medium Crash

19" Prototype Medium Crash-Ride

18" Tesla Vented China

Sticks - Los Cabos:
Wood: Red Hickory

Type: 55AB
Taper: Medium, Smooth
Length: 16.00"
Diameter: .587"
Tip: Wood

Drum Heads - Aquarian:

Toms: Response 2 coated
Bass Drum: DrumArt Custom Heads (Resonant), Super Kick II clear
Snares: Triple Threat coated

Percussion - Big Fat Snare Drum:

-Bling Ring (x2)

-Steve's Donut


-Round Sound Studio Pack

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